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ANew Institute is a commercial organization dedicated to wind power and wind turbine research and development. We specialize in vertical axis wind turbine design and manufacturing. Our company was started by a group of aerodynamics engineers, businessmen and manufacturing experts with a goal to research and create the most effective and efficient wind turbine design possible. We think we succeeded, but invite you to be the judge. Please explore the rest of the website for details about our products and technologies...

ANew-S1 Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

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ANew-S1 is our flagship small vertical axis wind turbine for residential and farming use. It is capable of converting wind energy at up to an amazing 70% rate; this low-speed and low-wind vertical turbine delivers world's best power production rates at low and medium wind speeds. Read more about:

ANew-S1 Vertical Wind Turbine

Large 1.5 MW ANew-B1 VAWT

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ANew Institute is excited to announce completion of the design project of ANew-B1. This is a large 1.5 megawatt vertical axis wind turbine. We will shortly undertake construction and testing of the first unit of this VAWT. We believe this exceptionally productive and quiet large VAWT will herald a new era for wind energy

1.5 MW ANew-B1 VAWT

ANew-S3 Vertical Wind Turbine

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We are proud to announce ANew-S3 - our latest project. A perfect green energy solution, ANew-S3 generates up to 30 kW of electrical energy. This Vertical wind turbine comes in a number of configurations to suit variety of commercial buildings or water towers, Find out more at:

ANew-S3 VAWT Project