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16 kW to 20 kW Vertical Wind Turbine

Like all wind turbines, our vertical wind turbine ANew-S1 produces different amounts of power under different wind speed conditions. This 16 kW vertical wind turbine is rated at nominal wind speed of 11 meters per second. However, these are fairly high annual wind speeds to be sustained in all but a few areas, and it is more common to receive average annual wind of 4, 5 or 6 meters per second. Because of this, our wind turbine was developed specifically to reach peak efficiency at lower wind speeds of 3-9 meters per second.

at various wind speeds ANew-S1 is a 3kw turbine, a 10kw turbine, a 15kw turbine, or a 20kw turbine

However, while many small wind turbines have a similar "kW" rating, it is more important for turbine buyer to know what productivity a turbine will have on their land, and at their real annual winds speeds. For example, as the graph above shows, ANew-S1 is a 3kW turbine at wind speeds of just under 6 meters per second, as well as a 10 kW turbine at 9 m/s, or 15kW turbine at ~10.75 m/s, or a 20 kW turbine during peak production with wind speeds of 14+ m/s. The graph above also shows approximate annual power production by an ANew S-1 at a given average yearly wind speed.

ANew-S1 was made to be most useful to customers who have access to land with low or medium average annual wind speed. However, ANew Institute can also supply wind turbines designed to take advantage of higher average wind speeds, as well as 2-level turbines for higher annual production rates. To find out more or to discus you wind power needs please contact our wind turbine company.

ANew-S1 is available for sale to businesses and individuals! Please visit: Vertical Wind Turbine Sales