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Low Speed Wind Turbine

A "Low Speed" wind turbine is an adjective which specifically refers to a slow rotating (or revolving, or moving) wind turbine. This is not to be confused with the "low wind speed" turbine which refers to turbines which are also capable of working at very low wind speeds. There are a number of advantages to a wind turbines rotating at low speed :

Low speed wind turbine is a quiet operation wind turbine, and can be placed closer to residential properties, farm houses and buildings sheltering animals. Because their blades move relatively slow, they are also easier to see and avoid for local wild life - birds and insects.

Noise produced by a wind turbine is a combination of aerodynamic noises made by movement of the blades through the air, and mechanical noises made by operation of the mechanical sub-systems. Both are affected by the speed of rotation. A slow rotating vertical wind turbine like ANew-S1, for example, makes very little noise (noise from our turbine at wind speed of 7 meters per second, and at a distance of 25 meters is only 40dB). It was specifically designed to rotate slower than conventional turbine would, while generating more electrical energy at lower wind speeds. For more information please follow the main menu items.

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