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ANew Series Low Wind Speed Turbines

We believe a true low wind speed turbine should be able to operate productively at wind speeds of 4 and more meters per second, as this average annual wind speed can be consistently obtained in many geographical areas. Large portion of the Earths landmass experiences average annual wind speeds of only 4-5 meters per second, and therefore only low wind-speed turbines like ANew-S1 can be used in such places.

Today most wind turbines are optimized to be productive from 5 meters per second to 13 meters per second. Considering the energy turbine needs to power its own electronic and electrical systems, most wind turbines are not effective energy producers at lower wind speeds of 2.5 to 5 meters per second.

In order to build an effective low wind speed turbine ANew Institute designed and developed multiple prototypes. These turbine prototypes were tested, re-developed and optimized for low wind speeds. When we were satisfied with the test results we started serial production of a range of low wind speed turbines "ANew-S1" (with variants rated at 16kW with swept area of 34.6m2, 20kW – swept area 37.6m2, 30kW – swept area 69m2 at wind speed of 11m/s). It is most efficient at wind speeds of 3 to 9 meters per second, and requires only low wind to be productive.

The file below contains a 4 minute fragment from a test recording for ANew-S1. Note how at an average wind speed of 3.52 meters per second our turbine is able to feed into the grid an equivalent of as much as 72.5% of the kinetic energy of the wind flowing through it: ANew-S1 operational test readings.

ANew-S1 is availble for purchase by businesses and individuals! Please visit: Vertical Wind Turbine Sales