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Residential Wind Turbine

Residential wind turbine is a small personal turbine capable of consistently generating enough power to provide all or most of your home energy needs. Therefore, selection of the wind turbine should start with the power production rate. Wind turbine could be considered residential (or suitable for a farm house) if it is capable of producing 1 kW of electrical energy at wind speed of 4 meters per second, and 3kW of energy at the wind speed of 6m/s. A turbine that cannot meet these basic power generating requirements is not liekely to ever generate enough electricity for an average home. But if you are seriously considering purchasing a wind turbine for your home, it is important to make sure that the turbine in question meets all of the following criteria as well:

One often overlooked, but important factor is quietness of operation. Wind turbines produce both aerodynamic and mechanical noises. To avoid making noise during its operation, a true residential wind turbine must have no gearbox, and it's blades must rotate at low speed. ANew Institute conducted specific turbine noise studies and determined that aerodynamic noise does not exist if the linear speed of blade rotation is less than 40 meters per second. Under such conditions, the noise produced by a spinning turbine will always be less than natural noise of the wind, or noise made by the trees in the wind. We have also established that when turbine blades move with speed of 40 or less meters per second, the turbine is easily noticed and avoided by local birds and insects.

ANew Institute deliberately conducted studies of noise, environmental impact and energy production at lower wind speeds to design the ultimate residential wind turbine: ANew-S1. It is quiet, slow rotating, and operates best at low and medium wind speeds. And produces enough energy to power an average residential property... We hope it starts a revolution in domestic energy production!

ANew-S1 is availble for purchase by businesses and individuals! Please visit: Vertical Wind Turbine Sales