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About Small Wind Turbines

Small wind turbines are a class of turbines specifically designed to power a residential property or a farm. In order to be effective such small turbines should be capable of generating sufficient electricity to meet energy demands of an average modern household. Many small turbines are rated at 5, 10, 15 or 20 kW, but these ratings are usually done at wind speed of 11 or even 12 meters per second. Places which can achieve such average annual wind speed are rare in most countries. Large portion of Earth only achieves an average annual wind speeds of 4-5 meters per second. A good small wind turbine would therefore have to be most productive at the lower wind speed range of 3 to 9 meters per second (in order to generate enough power).

After years of research and experiments into wind turbine aerodynamics we concluded that the best small wind turbine would have to be a vertical one. Small vertical wind turbine has a number of advantages over a propeller one in terms of wind speed requirements, noise of operation, and more importantly - its productivity. Vertical (Darrieus type) wind turbines are able to take more of winds available kinetic energy, at some wind speeds almost twice as much as propeller based turbines.

Based on our research and extensive wind tunnel, as well as real conditions testing we were able to produce what we firmly believe to be the best small wind turbine in the world today: ANew-S1. It is rated 16 kW at 11 m/s, and can produce up to 20 kW at higher wind speeds. But its main advantage over other small turbines is that it was designed to be most effective in wind speed range of 3 to 9 meters per second.

Other than its amazing productivity, ANew-S1 has other advantages that make it the best small vertical wind turbine in the world: it is build to be slow-rotating, with low linear speed of the blades. Because it is a low speed turbine, it produces less noise, and can be placed much closer to houses or animal shelters. It is also safer for local birds and insects, and does not interfere with Radars or TV/Radio Signals.

ANew-S1 is availble for purchase by businesses and individuals! Please visit: Vertical Wind Turbine Sales