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Solar vs Wind Power

This is an often considered question, and we would like to provide a simple explanation of advantages and disadvantages of both wind and solar systems:

Wind turbines such as ANew-S1 work whenever there is wind (day or night). Solar power works only during the day, and achieve peak efficiency only during a short period of the day, when the sun light is hitting it directly. Shade, clouds, dust and angle of the sun light all have significant and negative impact on solar panel power output.

Wind turbines can only be placed in locations with average yearly wind speeds of 4+ meters per second, and in a spot where there is consistent wind. These limitations rule out turbine ownership for some people. Solar panels, on the other hand, create a permanent shadow underneath, which kills off vegetation (home and food source for insects and birds). Because of this potential to cause environmental devastation, domestic solar panel placement is usually limited to rooftops.

When both system are working in real-life conditions, wind turbines are much more productive. A single small domestic turbine such as ANew-S1 is capable of supplying electricity to meet all of the domestic energy needs for an average household. It would take an unreasonably large array of PV panels to match that output consistently. For example, a roof of a large house could accommodate 45 square meters (9m x 5m), which during optimal sun positioning on a cloudless day can generate 6 kW of energy (this is its peak of work effectiveness). At the same time, when working at its optimal effectiveness ANew-S1 turbine will generate 16-20 kW.

A wind turbine might cost more initially, but over a service life of 20 years will generate much more electricity, both paying for itself and generating a handsome "profit" of energy. So if you have access to land with consistent wind and average annual wind speed of 5 or more meters per second, wind turbine should prove a better long-term solution.

Best solution for a home or a farm would probably involve a hybrid of the two - using both solar and wind as a hybrid system will allow you to generate some power at all times, with the exception of a windless night. Such system could also save money for the owner by use of shared infrastructure, such as a feed-in meter or a battery bank.

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