Vertical Wind Turbine ANEW-S1
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ANew-SPP Smart Wind Power Plant

ANew SPP (Smart Power Plant) is a fully automatic hybrid energy system. It is capable of operating autonomously 24 hours a day, continuously supplying AC current to your off-grid property (for example 230V & 50Hz ). In optimal conditions ANew SPP can supply from 0 to 25kW, depending on needs of the operator. Under statistically average conditions, ANew SPP will be able to provide between 0 and 10 kW of electrical power.

ANew SPP consists of four main elements:

Wind turbine – typical ANew-S1 (all same characteristics), with maximum output rated at 15kW.

Two solar panels of 5м×5м size, which are located on the same tower and during assembly directed towards south-east (northern hemisphere), and in southern hemisphere oriented towards north-east. These panels will be equipped with turning mechanism, and will track the movement of the sun. The panels are also located at such a distance from the turbine that the shadow from the blades, pylons or supports never falls onto them. At maximum sun these panels will generate 8 kW of electrical energy.

Energy Storage Unit – steel cylindrical canister, with volume of 2м3, located underneath the ground near the turbine foundation. It is intended to be used as accumulator of compressed air, and is equipped with air compressor, small gas turbine and generator. Such device will be able to feed 2 kW into the Grid for 5 hours continuously.

Smart control system - controls operation of inventors, wind turbine, solar panels and the energy storage unit. The three energy sources used by ANew SPP are interconnected, and the control system automatically determines how much energy is needed, and where to direct it. This ensures optimal efficiency and maximum energy availability.

ANew-S1 is available for sale to businesses and individuals! Please visit: Vertical Wind Turbine Sales