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ANew-S1 Vertical Wind Turbine

The ANew-S1 is a much improved take on a Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine design, and offers a number of technological advances on its competitors. It was specifically designed to be most effective at low and medium wind speeds of 3 to 9 meters per second, and it converts wind into electrical energy at unparalleled levels of efficiency. ANew-S1 achieves amazing wind turbine efficiency of up to 70%, even after mechanical and power conversion losses. At low and medium wind speeds, ANew-S1 produces more kilowatts than any competitor of the same size: ~3.2kW at 6 meters per second, ~16kW at 11 m/s, and up to ~20kW at any wind speed between 13.5 and 15.5 m/sec (this figure varies within specified range due to difference in ambient air temperature, which affects its density).

vertical axis wind turbine

Due its low blade rotation speeds, the ANew-S1 promises to be one of the quietest turbines ever to be released on the market, perfect for residential and farm use. Because its blades travel at low speeds, and distances between blades are up to ten times larger than similar sized propeller-based turbines, the ANew-S1 does not interfere with local Radar systems, TV or Radio signals and poses no threat to local bird species, or even insects. The tower of ANew-S1 stands at just 14.5 meters high, which preserves existing residential views and escapes some of the height regulations placed on privately owned turbines.

As an added bonus of being a vertical wind turbine, the ANew-S1 allows wind speed and energy to restore approximately twice as fast as it does behind a propeller turbine of similar size. This means a group of ANew-S1 turbines can be placed at triple the density on the same plot of land, and lower the cost of required land and infrastructure investment.

ANew-S1 Annual Electricity Production

annual energy production by vertical wind turbine ANew-S1
  • ANew-S1 is a low wind-speed turbine. It is engineered to be most productive at low and medium average annual wind speeds, which are reasonably achievable in many geographic areas.

  • Our residential wind turbines are also low-speed turbines, because they rotate at low speed. ANew-S1 produces much less noise, and cause less threat to birds and insects then propeller alternatives.

  • Our vertical turbines are manufactured for up to 20 years of service life, and with safe usage will only require serious service after approximately 10 years.

  • By knowing or accurately estimating average annual wind speed at the proposed location of ANew-S1 you can calculate average annual output over a period of years, and therefore estimate time it will require for ANew S-1 to pay for itself.

Need a Bit More Power? We have larger wind turbines

  • ANew-Series wind turbines also come in a 4-blade low wind-speed turbine version, and a larger 2-level, 6 blade VAWT. These are designed to be most useful in different wind environment. See short video of all three models working side-by-side on the left.

  • The 4 blade wind turbine ANew-S1m is specifically modified for lower cut-in wind speeds, and to be generally more productive in low wind environment.

  • Our unique (and world first) commercial 2-level turbine, ANew-S2, is made for maximum energy production. Useful in low and high wind areas, this wind turbine will produce up to 24 kW of energy, allowing you maximum return from the infrastructure and land investment

ANew-S1 is available for sale to businesses and individuals! Please visit: Vertical Wind Turbine Sales