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ANew Wind Turbines - Media and News

This is where we post news and announcements related to ANew Institute, and a place where we showcase videos and pictures of our wind turbines (if they are worth a look). Sometimes summaries of research documents which are deemed newsworthy will also be announced here:

Low Wind Speed Turbine - Video

Video of ANEW-S1 16kW vertical turbine operating at ultra-low wind speed of just 1.5 meters per second. This VAWT was specifically designed, and can be tuned, to produce energy at very low average wind speeds. Such approach opens up areas previously thought unsuitable to wind farming and green energy production.

World First 6-blade 2-level VAWT

Some pictures and another link to earlier video of three ANEW wind turbines assembled next to each other. The right-most turbine is a 6-blade 2-level VAWT, which is a world first for a commercially produced wind turbine.

Video of 16, 20 and 24 kW ANewTurbines by ANew

A short video of 3 of our small range vertical turbines, rated at 16, 20 and 24 kW. These are available to both businesses and individuals. Note how our VAWT turbines can be placed next to each other without sacrificing performance, unlike propeller turbines.

Our Polish website has gone Live!

Assembly of another ANEW-S1

Assembly of another ANEW-S1 16kW vertical turbine. The project was completed in a day, but we are putting up two larger turbines next to it soon. Check for updates!