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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Kit ANew-S1

diy vertical wind turbine kit

ANew-S1 can be purchased as a diy kit. This vertical wind turbine kit includes all of the components of the ANew-S1: blades, tower, control box, generator and pylons etc, and also includes delivery. But it does not include cost of a foundation, or installation, or connection service.

This wind turbine kit includes detailed assembly instructions, and also comes with access to consultation from our engineers. However, we believe it is only suited for people who have the engineering or mechanical know-how, and capacity necessary to assemble and install a small vertical wind turbine. Or those who choose to hire qualified local help for these tasks.

We believe the wind turbine kit option might appeal to business and people who are purchasing multiple units and would like to save on the installation costs. We could install the first of the wind turbines ourselves, and let your team learn from the process. This should help you with diy assembly and installation of second and subsequent kits.

The cost of ANew-S1 wind turbine kit starts from $65,000 USD, and varies depending on delivery destination and package configurations. Get an exact quote via the Contact Us form, or follow the link to Turbine Sales page for more information about the ANew-S1 range.