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Why Wind Power Works

Wind is one of the most effective forms of renewable energy generation. In the future, it looks like wind turbines will be playing a significantly increasing role in the generation of electrical power. This opinion is based on two factors: technology-driven rise in turbine productivity which coincides with decrease in cost of wind turbine technology. One other factor is raising cost of Oil, Gas and other non-renewable energy sources. And finally, a turbine built today will produce electricity up to next 20 years, producing electricity at a cost which is immune to inflation or cost of oil/gas increases.

But How does a Wind Turbine Work?

Wind turbines can have a horizontal axis of rotation (propeller) or a vertical rotation axis (Savonius, Darrieus, and their hybrids). The air flow through a wind turbine creates a pressure force on the blades to lead the turbine into a rotation, thereby converting the kinetic energy of the wind into a mechanical energy.

Then the mechanical energy at the shaft of the turbine is converted into electrical energy by a generator and inverter systems.

All modern turbines are equipped with some type of electrical system, electronic control system, diffrent sensors and a brake system - mechanical or aerodynamic. These are required to control the mode of operation of the turbine and the generator.

As well as to rapidly and safely stop turbine at very high wind speeds, and in case of an emergency: failure of the grid system or disconnect of the generator from the grid. These systems require that turbine spends portion of its energy production to power these components.

In order to provide steady supply of electricity to a home or a farm when needed, it is important to be able to store generated electrical energy for later use. One option available to wind turbine owners is to feed electrical energy into a national or state grid when it is produced, and take energy back for use when needed.

Farms or remote houses not connected to a suitable grid can store energy using battery banks of various capacity. For example, default battery bank provided with ANew-S1 can store enough energy to power an average home for up to 3 nights.

It is possible to use a solar panel system to work together with the wind turbine. This type of hybrid solar/wind system allows generation of extra energy under optimal conditions, or compensates for loss of power when wind speed is too low to be productive.

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