vertical wind turbines by anew institutevawt vertical wind turbines

ANew-B1 is worlds largest VAWT, rated at 1500kW

Wind Power Plant (WPP) class: IEС 1.

Nominal power output rated at wind speed 13м/с = 1.5MW.

Swept area = 1700 m2.

Turbine diameter = 52 м.

Height of the turbine from the ground to the tip of the blade = 66 м.

Maximum speed of the turbine rotation = 16 RPM.

Maximum linear speed of the blade = 44 м/s.

Tower: six-support lattice pyramid shape.

Generator (synchronous, with permanent magnets) is located at the foundation.

Braking systems: normal – done via grid resistance. Emergency or maintenance braking  is done via hydraulic/mechanical brake system.

Service life (calculated) = 20 years.  Service life of blades = 10 years, after which they are reconditioned or replaced.

1.5 MW VAWT vertical turbine


1.5 MW VAWT ANew-B1

1.5 MW VAWT vertical turbine