ANew-B1 1.5 Megawatt VAWT (1500kW)

ANew-B1 is a large-size vertical axis wind turbine. Rated at 1500 kilowatts, this large VAWT is a culmination of years of research and development by ANew Institute. This vertical wind turbine offers unparalleled power generation rates. As a large VAWT, it combines natural advantages of vertical axis wind turbines with large energy production rates previously restricted only to traditional large propeller turbines.

It offers commercial wind farm developers and operators quickest return on investment, and shortest path to profit. Due to its ability to generate more energy from the same wind, and to be placed much closer together, land and infrastructure costs for ANew-B1 Wind Farm are much lower.

Largest VAWT in a cleaner World

It is known that productive wind areas are rare and in high demand. ANew-B1, designed to take advantage of lower and medium wind speeds unlike any other turbine on the market. It opens new possibilities for wind energy development. As well as looking to further improve our land design, ANew Institute is doing preliminary R&D work for sea-based versions of our vawt - one as a stand-alone floating unit, and units to be based on old floating rigs or platforms.

Download Measured Performance Data For ANew-B1 Wind Turbine