ANew-M1 is a medium-size vertical axis wind turbine or VAWT. Rated at 200 kilowatts, ANew-M1 offers ample power generation for large farms, remote resorts, or hotels. It is also a very suitable option for small off-grid communities, or as a VAWT powerplant for a community-owned wind farm. It was specifically designed to be most effective at low and medium wind speeds, alowing it to harness more energy over long term. It is very quiet, its blades are slow rotating and it causes no problems for birds, or interfers with Radar or TV signals.

Medium VAWT for existing wind farms

It is known, that the space between propeller-based wind turbines necessary for complete wind speed restoration must be not less than 6 diameters of the propeller. Theoretical research into vertical wind turbines shows that the wind speed restores to its original speed behind them at a distance of between 0.5 to 2.5 diameters of the turbine (depending on the actual wind speed). Results of empirical experiments in wind tunnel confirmed that the wind speed restores behind ANew-Series turbines at a maxixmum within ~2.75 diameters of the turbine (for any wind speed). ANew-M1 has a low tower height and unique specifications which allow this vertical wind turbine to be placed between existing propeller turbines, without causing any interference to the wind flow. This allows Wind Farm operators to place more wind turbines onto the same plot of land, and use the existing infrastructure for better investment returns.