Wind Speed Recovery

Vertical (Darrieus type) of wind turbines such as ANew-B2 can be placed with much higher density within the same wind farm area.

It is known, that the space between propeller-based wind turbines necessary for complete wind speed restoration must be not less than 6 diameters of the propeller. Theoretical research into vertical wind turbines shows that the wind speed restores to its original speed behind them at a distance of between 0.5 to 2.5 diameters of the turbine (depending on the actual wind speed). Results of empirical experiments in wind tunnel confirmed that the wind speed restores behind ANew-Series turbines at a maxixmum within ~2.75 diameters of the turbine (for any wind speed).

Air flow energy (and wind speed) restores up to 2 times quicker behind the ANew vertical turbine then behind a typical propeller-based turbine. If you decide, for example, to build a wind farm from 4 units of GE 2.5 MW propeller turbines (rotor diameter 100m), they can be positioned on a square land of 600m×600m. On the same plot of land we could accommodate 25 ANew-B2 (2.5 MW) turbines (with rotor diameter of 52m). It means that from the same plot of land and under the same climatic conditions a wind farm equipped with 25 ANew-B2 turbines would produce ~6 times more electrical energy (at rated wind speed of 13m/s); and at wind speed of 6 meters per second, for example, our turbines would provide up to 10 times more energy than a farm equipped only with 4 propeller-based units. This is because our turbines have much higher coefficient of wind energy transformation at this lower wind speed (up to ~2 times greater).

For another example, consider a wind farm of 20 E-70E4 (2MW) units. On existing free land between them you could position another 127 ANew-1000 (1MW) turbines

Geometry of the ANew Wind Turbine is such that on an existing wind farm six of them can be positioned on the perimeter of each of the propeller-basde wind turbines. These 6 smaller WTs positioned in a circle around existing propeller turbine will not affect it's performance, and themselves will not be affected by the slowed air flow behind the propeller. See graph below: