1.5 MW VAWT ANew-B1

This massive 1500kW VAWT is our largest vertical wind turbine to-date, and is also the largest commercial VAWT in the World! This unit is suitable for wind farms and other commercial wind energy applications.

Video of 200kW ANew-M1 VAWT

This video clip shows installation of a 200kW vertical axis wind turbine ANew-M1. This is our medium-sized VAWT.

15kW VAWT ANew-S1 Video

ANEW-S1 is our flagship small vertical axis wind turbine for residential and farming use. This low-speed and low-wind vertical turbine delivers world's best power production rates at low and medium wind speeds. It is a much improved take on Darrieus vertical axis turbine design, and offers a number of aerodynamic and technological advances on its competitors.

Comparing sizes of diffrent VAWTs

This next video clip shows multiple VAWT turbines produced by ANew Institute side-by-side. The sizes of the vertical axis wind turbines shown here are from 15 kW to 200 kilowatt.

Three domestic VAWTs side-by-side

Our three small VAWT wind turbines working in unison make for an awesome view! The 2- level 24 kW turbine is world first. The smallest is 15 kW, and the 4-blade turbine is 20 kW. These are low-wind and low-speed VAWTs, made for residential use.

Another shot of ANew-M1

This is our medium Vertical Axis Wind Turbine ANew-M1. At the time of publishing this was world's largest vertical wind turbine. It achieves over 70% wind-to-energy conversion rate, twice as good as most horizontal turbines.

Low Wind Speed Vertical Turbine

Vertical wind turbine "ANew-S1" is shown operating at just 1.5 meters per second. This is a 3-blade vertical axis wind turbine, designed by ANew Institute for maximum production of energy in lower average wind speeds.

Our VAWTs can be placed close to obstacles!

One of our ANew-S1 vertical turbines placed among the trees. It is not affected by obstacles which take energy from the wind, and can be placed within short distance of houses, or next to other turbines.