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Wind Turbine Facts

These pages are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable facts about topics of wind power and wind turbines in general. We believe that wind power offers genuine solutions to genuine problems, but successful use of it depends on understanding its advantages and disadvantages, limitations and potential. The following articles, written by our engineering team, aim to answer common questions about wind turbines and wind energy:

Understanding Darrieus Type (Vertical Axis) Wind Turbines

This article takes a detailed look at inherent advantages of vertical wind axis turbines over the propeller-based turbines in terms of productivity, power conversion rates and aerodynamics. Additionally it explains other factors such as difference in the land requirements and support infrastructure. Read the full article at Darrieus Vertical Wind Turbines.

Wind Speed Recovery - Maximising Returns on Wind Farm Infrastructure Investment

This article contains excerpts of reaserch conducted by ANew Institute into wind speed recovery and turbine placement density for vertical and propeller turbines. Visit Wind Speed Recovery to read in full.

Calculating Wind Energy Cost

So what does wind energy really cost? This page explains how to calculate true cost of your wind turbine investment, using average annual wind speeds. Wind Turbine & Energy Costs.

Noise Advantages of Low-speed Wind Turbines

Slow rotating wind turbines have certain advantages over fast-rotating turbines, both propellers or VAWTs. This article explains why slow rotating VAWT turbine will always produce less aerodynamic and mechanical noises. Low-Speed Turbines.

Achieving Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Achieving maximum wind energy conversion efficiency at low wind speeds is one of the core advantages of VAWTs over traditional turbines. Follow this link to read low wind turbine article in full.

How does Wind Turbine Work

Explanation of principles and methods by which wind turbine generates electrical energy from the wind, and other information to explain concepts and technology behind wind energy production. Read How does Wind Turbine Work in full.

Advantages of Wind Power

An article explaining advantages of wind power in terms of technology, costs and environmental impact, also a guide to fully utilizing advantages of wind power at home or at the farm. Read Advantages of Wind Power in full.

Wind Turbine Efficiency

Explanation of what is wind turbine efficiency, how it is calculated, what factors affect practical efficiency of wind power systems. Written by designer of the most efficient wind turbine today ANew-S1. Read more at Wind Turbine Efficiency.

Wind Power Pros and Cons

A guide to understanding advantages and disadvantages of wind power for both domestic or commercial use Wind Power Pros and Cons.

Solar versus Wind Power

Understanding fundamental differences and limitations of both wind and solar energy is important when making an infomed decision into selecting a renewable energy solution for your home. This article should help you understand which system is better for you, and criteria by which to make your decision: Solar versus Wind Power.