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Information For Wind Power Companies

ANew Institute is looking to establish reliable and effective partnerships with local wind power companies, as well as wind turbine suppliers and manufactures in all wind energy markets.

We would like to hear about your planned wind farms or other wind power projects! Our technology is aerodynamically scalable, and ANew Institute can provide wind turbines of various sizes and configurations to maximize your energy production rates.

Existing wind farm operators with propeller turbines will be able to increase production rates of their wind farms and get more use out of existing infrastructure by adding ANew Turbines in the "gaps" between propeller-based ones.

Additionally, using our turbines will allow energy production in areas previously considered "too low-wind" for commercial use. Please email our consultant team:

For Wind Turbine Suppliers

We believe that local wind turbine manufactures and suppliers are best placed to bring our technology to new customers. We have developed a licensing structure that allows local companies to produce, sell, install and service ANew Institute wind turbines. There are various sizes of turbines available and we can scale our technology to meet needs of your local market. Please Contact Us for further details.